1958 - The Beginning 

The Southview Church came into existence after a long period of study regarding the advancement of the work and Welfare of Adventist living on Minneapolis Southside. Southview Seventh Day Adventist Church was found in early 1958. Made up from members from three Minneapolis churches colon the Emmanuel Church, Minneapolis first church, and the auditorium Church. The name Southview was not selected solely in a geographical sense. It was selected to represent the desire of the congregation to be sensitive to spiritual needs of those living in the South metropolitan area.

1962- Building

Our current building was purchased from the Richfield Lutheran Church when they relocated to a new facility just a few blocks away. The original mortgage was paid off and only three and a half years and on July 7th 1962 growing Congregation of 215 members dedicate the building to the cause and service of God.

1990’s - Our School

In the 1990s our church founded the Southview Christian School with six students. The school was blessed with a rapidly growing enrollment. The Holy Spirit moved in our congregation and Southview was led to build a new school and Activity Center serving Southview Christian School and the church. We broke ground September 16th, 2000 and open classes for the fall of 2001. It was built at a cost of approximately $1,300,000 and now serves over 40 students in an enrollment of Christian education. The mortgage is retired in 2010.

1968 - Growth

In 1968 the church reached, what at that time was a high water mark and membership, at 322 members. Through the years and minor up and down fluctuations, Southview has grown steadily to its current membership of 550. Over this 58 year history we have been let in Ministry by 14 senior pastors and one associate pastor.

2015 - Step Forward

The Southview Church affirmed a decision to step forward in faith, sell are distinct facility, and begin the search for a new home. The vote Express Andover only majority and statement of unity for South you to proceed with this journey.

Founded in 1958, out of a desire to care for the spiritual needs of those living in the south metropolitan area.

Our Future

2017 - New Chapter

Sale of former church building.

2018 - Memories

Many of us can recall special and memorable moments experience in our former Southview building. Whether we grew up in Southview or have been a part of this congregation for a few weeks or months, that place, that building has intersected with our faith journey in a special way. There are memories of joy, sadness, inspiration, struggle, and the perseverance of faith. As we seek a new building home we honor and respect all that is special and memorable about our former home at 5750 Wentworth Avenue South.

2018+ - Upcoming Years

Our faith recognizes that Southview Seventh Day Adventist Church is, first and foremost, a dynamic community of believers seeking to know and share Jesus Christ. Unity in faith and purpose will not change even though the building address will change.

A loving mission-centered community. Continually growing together and sharing the good news of the Kingdom of God.

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A dynamic community of believers seeking to know and serve Jesus Christ.